About Us

About Devashish


During June 1996, we started as Devashish Investment, a family firm with partners Krishankant Desai and his son Ashish Desai as partners. Senior Partner Krishnakant Desai had long experience as Accountant in Bardoli Sugar Factory and in Sardar Bagayat. Devashish Investment with a gallop start as Financial Advisors due to overwhelming support from surrounding residents of Bardoli areas, was converted into Devashish Securities Pvt. Ltd. within three /four years.

Devashish Securities Pvt. Ltd Is a recognized sub-broker of SEBI, our network Partner being Kisan Ratilal Choksey, Bombay based Share Brokers. Gradually we started other departments – Mutual Fund – Insurance Company Deposits etc.

Our office accommodation when we started our Business Activities was of 150 Sq. Ft. of our own. Now it is one of the established companies in these areas having 4500 Sq. Ft. office space.

We have full modern on-line equipments and infrastructure. Our aim is full satisfaction of our valued customers and our Motto “Service before Self”. Our sister concern Devashish Commodities Pvt. Ltd. is an approved recognized member of India’s only Multi-commodities Exchange, having rating of Asia’s third Commodity Exchange.

Initially, we have started business with Devashish Investments, later on transformed ourselves into a company i.e. Devashish Securities Pvt. Ltd. We have two registered sister concerns Devashish Commodities Pvt. Ltd. and Devashish Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. DSPL registration number is 04-38370 dated 17th July 2000. While that of DCPL it is U51100GJ2005PTC7197 as on16th January 2006.

Quality Policy and Mission

Quality Policy


We dedicate ourselves in consistently delivering more than customer expectations and believe in customer delight. To achieve this, we have utilized our human and technological resources to provide superior quality financial services.


We are efficient and committed to total quality by putting our best at our resources and services at optimum cost and strive continually to improve ourselves, our team and our services to get total customer satisfaction.


We will achieve our objectives through creation of a strong, responsive, and innovative organization by a total quality commitment and by emphasizing on total customer satisfaction, wealth & Value creation of stakeholders through profitable growth and providing best working environment to our employees


“To create enduring value for customers and stakeholders by providing total quality products & Services at optimum cost, through creation of a strong, responsive and innovative organization and strive constantly to improve ourselves, our team & our services to meet customer expectation”