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Currency markets being the largest market in the world was opened by the RBI in year 2008 to Resident Indian Clients/Entities and recently to NRIs and Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) to participate in Indian Currency Exchange platform to trade and/or hedge with lower costs and higher leverage in an organized regulated environment as compared to the OTC market.

For Hedgers and Currency based Entities

  • Customized solutions and advice as per specific requirement for hedging in Currencies.
  • Robust Automated Risk Management system with state of the art infrastructure
  • Reports on Market Trends in the short and long term after analyzing local and Global factors impacting prices.
  • Brand and Corporate Parentage

For Traders and Investors

  • Dedicated Relationship managers (RMs) and Call and Trade facility with your branch / sub broker with whom your account is registered.
  • Online Trading: Free online trading terminal
  • 24 * 7 online back-office support
  • Live Risk Management
  • National Reach
  • Professional Management

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Please note that all services related to Currency Derivatives by Us through our main broker "Prabhudas Lilladher Private Limited".

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